About Janey B’s

Janey B’s first came to light 10 years ago when Jane was asked to do the catering for a family birthday party for over 50 guests.

Not only was it a memorable occasion, with many party goers complimenting her on the delicious food, it was also a spark to pursue her dream.

From that moment, Jane spent many years developing strong, hands on expertise and experience, working in kitchens, deli’s and specialty food retailers.

She honed her skills and expanded her knowledge of fine and gourmet foods, created menus, found the best suppliers of ingredients and produce, created her own food styling, service delivery techniques and the importance of visual presentation. In fact, Jane”s mantra is “you eat with your eyes”.

Then when she was approached to prepare and present a calendar of different foods for every month of the year by a creative marketing agency on behalf of a major Pharmacy chain, it was time for Janey B’s to become a reality.

A purpose built, registered, kitchen has recently been added to Jane’s creative food space.
In her kitchen, this is where the preparation of Janey B’s specialised meals and catering are nutritiously and lovingly born.

Jane loves to encourage others to enjoy healthy, delicious, visually attractive, and conveniently available food and she cant wait to tell as many people as possible about it.

Janey B’s most rewarding and enjoyable creation to date was the 5 metre Grazing Table and Platters for the Mielle Christmas Function at Albert Park Lake for over 350 staff and guests.


Families, Individuals and Businesses choose Janey B’s because all her food is :

  • Lovingly created and high quality
  • Healthy and nutritious, its real food with no preservatives!
  • Conveniently available (her weekly meals make meal time easy)
  • Visually attractive, it’s mouth watering
  • Created for the whole family, singles and businesses alike
  • Suits any dietary requirements (paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free)
  • Designed and created for any occasion

Jane hopes you too can enjoy Janey B’s delicious range of healthy and conveniently available food very soon.

Call us on 0411 421 979 or email [email protected] to find out more

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